My First Semister in nift

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today 3rd feb 2011. Now this is my 2nd semester in NIFT Hyderabad Which was started on 10th jan 2011. After 2nd Aug 2010 i.e. first day of my 1st semester I am not able to write anything due to lack of time or time management. So I write some of my wonderful moments and sleeplessness nights and some of my works of 1st semester. So let me introduce my subjects of 1st semester :-

1} IWAC (Introduction to world art and culture) by Murli sir
2} PP (Professional practices) by Srinivasa rao sir
3} ES (Environmental Studies) by Rajitha mam
4} MS (Material Studies) by Srivani mam
5} FVG (Foundation vector graphics) by GM Reddy sir
6} VR (Visualization and Representation) by Sudip ghos sir
7} EOD (Elements of Design) by uthaman sir
8}FO (Fashion Orientation) by Sarvani mam
9} Geometry by Wasima kabir mam

Our Regular classes was start from 2nd Aug 2010 and the student of all design group was devide into 5 different groups and in each group there was 30 student of different streams namely FD, FC, TD, KD and AD. I am in Group-V and my roll no. is 30 but right now its 29 because one of my friend namely Manish kumar was leave the NIFT. The name of my classmates are : Aditya, Suraj, Anurag, Ananat, Raj, Nitin, Amresh, Anima(chachi), Amina, Bidisha, Kaveri, Mohini, Sohini, Nikhila, Purva, Susmita, Guneet, Rutuja saptute, Rutuja Mahajan, Parisa, Shivani, Dipika, Farhat, Saifali, Kirti kanodiya, Sanya, Shruti, Meghna.

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